Wednesday, July 21, 2010

School Supply Shopping

Well, yesterday was the big day: school supply shopping! I've looked forward to this day since Sarah was born. When I was a little girl I always, always got a giddy thrill from walking down the aisles with their rainbow-colored folders, waxy crayons, shiny scissors and crisp, fresh paper. I could easily take all day deciding which pencil box to choose. Glue or glue stick?

For me, though, the "holy grail" of school supplies was that enormous, colorful box of 125 crayons. Oh, the possibilities! The thought of that box bordered that kind of envy the Bible warns about. That box of crayons was my Christmas Story pellet gun, minus the poking-out of eyes. With that array of colors I could draw five rainbows and never use the same colors twice, color a sky full of blues and a zoo full of animals. With hands full of reds, yellows, oranges and every variation thereof I tried to imagine what kind of rapture the Lord must feel with each sunset He paints.

Now we have our curriculum and our supplies. Everything is stacked neatly in boxes, waiting for our move. The only thing we need now is a new house. I can see my lessons have already begun. First up, patience! Following right behind, faith.