Monday, February 1, 2010

Child-led Dictionary

I think it's time Sarah and I begin compiling her very own dictionary. The last few days have brought a seemingly never-ending stream of definition questions from Sarah!

"Mommy, what does presentation mean?"
"What is anticipating?"
"Daddy, if I say you're 'lagging behind', what does that mean?"

A dictionary put together with her own two little hands would be very intellectually satisfying to her. A project that involves coloring, cutting, gluing and words. What could be more fun?

My plan is to put the dictionary into a binder. I'll let Sarah write "Sarah's Dictionary" on a piece of paper and draw a picture on it. That will go in the front sleeve of the binder as the "cover". Then I'll fill the binder with plain white paper. Each time Sarah asks me the meaning of a word we'll look it up together in a "real" dictionary and I'll read her the meaning (interpreting as necessary). Then I'll let her think of a sentence in which to use the word. She'll write the word at the top of a piece of paper and I'll write the sentence Sarah said. Then she can draw a picture that helps her remember the word and it's meaning. Of course, we'll put all the words in alphabetical order!

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